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About Us

Taylor Bug Kisses Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity that is dedicated to providing financial assistance for medical/therapy expenses, funding and hosting family respite camps, funding research, providing assistance for Individual Education Planning and providing emotional support for families who have a child with Smith-Magenis Syndrome.

Our daughter Taylor (also known as Taylor Bug) has Smith-Magenis Syndrome. She has had many therapies, medical tests and medical appointments. So we know the expenses that can accrue. Fortunately, we have had medical coverage to cover all of these costs the last 10 years. But through our journey in the world of Smith-Magenis Syndrome we have met several families who do not have coverage for these expenses.  We wanted to help so Taylor Bug Kisses Foundation was born.

The Taylor Bug Kisses Foundation is named in honor of our Taylor Bug who can't get enough kisses!! She is full of love and has so much compassion for everyone and everything! She has been known to kiss the garbage can, the toilet, the vacuum, furniture, trees and other things that most people would not consider giving love to.  We are lucky to receive her kisses several times a hour, every day, all day! 


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