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Family Camp

Taylor Bug Kisses Foundation is very committed to giving families a respite camp experience at no cost to the family.  Family Camp is  an opportunity for both individuals with Smith-Magenis Syndrome and their families to spend time with others who are going through the same experiences as themselves. Our camp allows parents to meet other parents and allows them the time to decompress from all the responsibilities and challenges that come along with raising a child with Smith-Magenis Syndrome. And allows them to have a full night sleep.  

 It is also important for us to give the siblings of individuals with Smith-Magenis Syndrome the chance to spend time with other siblings and having the opportunity to do activities they enjoy without the complications that can arise while trying to do social outings with a family member  who has Smith-Magenis Syndrome.  

 At our camp, we provide a counselor for each child/adult with Smith-Magenis Syndrome.  We also provide a counselor, separate housing and activities for the siblings.  Parents also have separate housing, activities and pampering.  

Activities provided at camp include swimming, boat rides, water activities, zip line, crafts, miniature golf, disc golf, wall-climbing, beach volleyball, basketball, billiards, lawn games, sensory activities (including a sensory room), wagon rides, paintball, karaoke, movie nights, playground, canoe rides, fishing, camp fires, family dance, and more.  
You can apply for camp below.  Or if you would like to contribute to camp, you can visit our Sponsor A Camper program here.

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Testimonies from camp

       " Maybe this would have been like any other getaway to the “normal” family but to us   this was a huge blessing. Not just a blessing but a life changing experience as we do  not get out often, let alone get to be by ourselves. This was the first time in 14 years that my husband and I have had more than a couple hours alone."      -Beverly, parent

     "   I had an amazing time at SMS camp! One of the best experiences of my life for sure. Even though we were there for a short time, you guys felt like family!  I would give up our annual vacations to come to SMS family camp every year instead."       

                                                                                   -Luke, 16 years old, sibling

      "  My trip to Michigan was one that I will never forget because it really changed my life. It was a week full of having fun and making so many new friends. That one week really was a gift to me and so many others that the experience was shared with. My short time spent at that camp has positively impacted my life from that day, up until now.  That trip remains, and will probably always remain, the best week of my life."   

                                                                                    - Evelyn, 13 years old, sibling 


                                               Camp 2013

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