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Multi-sensory Recreational Center
Sensations Therafun

Sensations Therafun is a safe alternative to ‘typical’ playgrounds. It is designed especially for sensory recreation. It is great for kids who are on the Autism Spectrum, or have Sensory Processing Disorders and all children who need sensory recreation. The family who owns this wonderful center are parents of a child who has Smith-Magenis Syndrome. 

How To Create Backyard Sanctuary For Children With Disabilities

Sensory Integration

A Sensory Life

Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation

Star Center

Brain Balance Achievement Centers

Sensational Brain


Sensory Direct

Advocacy/Legal Services

Wright's Law


Equip For Equality






Respite Care Providers

Sign Language/Communication

Video Dictionary ASL Pro


Family Health Refrerence to ASL


Online Speech Pathology Programs 


My Baby Can Talk


Signing Time


ASL Resource Guide


Speech Pathology Degrees

Therapeutic Toys

Fat Brain Toys


Toys To Grow On

Kado Kid

Educational Insights

Playability Toys

Gumpy Lump

Special Needs Toys

ToysrUs Differently Abled

Fun and Function

Different Roads to Learning

Growing Tree Toys

Sensory University

Natural Learning Concepts


eSpecial Needs

Lakeshore Learning



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