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Smith-Magenis Syndrome -Taylor Bug Kisses Foundation

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First responders know that every second counts. But in an emergency situation, a person with a disability may be unable to speak for him or herself, and the there may be no caregiver with them or the caregiver may not be able to respond at that time.

Because individuals with Special needs are even more at risk for wandering off they especially need to be wearing these at all times! Here are some options that may work for you.


1. Alert Me Bands are the simple solution that not only communicates who to call in an emergency but also communicates and creates awareness for medical/special needs and allergy indications. The bands are adjustable and are the only solution available to date that are impossible for children to remove on their own!


2.   Medical Id Store®  offers Custom engraved identification Jewelry, Medical ID USB History Bracelets Medical Id Alert Jewelry  for kids, adults, and teens too. They also carry Identification Bag Tags, Child If Lost Safety Identification bracelets, Children's beaded Medical Alert bracelets, child id bracelets, adult beaded medical id bracelets Kids Medical Id Toddler Medical id Medical Id Alert Sports Bands, Medical Id Alert Shoe Tags,Adjustable Medical Id Sports Band Bracelets Engraved Pet Id Tags Stainless Steel Kids Medical Bracelets Black Hills Gold Medical Jewelry.

3.  In addition to high quality Medical ID bracelets or tags they include a complimentary wallet Medical IDemergency Card. You will fill it with medical information critical to your condition. Some medical information is difficult to remember by heart. The Medical ID emergency card together with Medic Alert jewelry will provide the health provider with a better picture about your medical condition, which will result in a more successful treatment.

4.  Fabric Bracelets.  Some people have an aversion to wearing something around the neck, so a fabric bracelet with an engraved metal tag is a more comfortable choice. For $13, you can get engraved aluminum tag from www.make-a-tag.com. The tags have all the necessary information, but there is no information storage service.