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Frameshift Mutation Hotspot Identified in Smith-Magenis Syndrome (2010) Click here

RAI1 gene may be responsible for obesity in Smith-Magenis Syndrome (2010) Click here 

Region on gene identified that causes complex syndrome (2010) Click here

 Smith-Magenis Syndrome Review by Dr. Sarah H. Elsea and Santhosh Girirajan (2008) Click here

Neuropsychiatry and Multisystem Features of SMS by Bhaskara P. Shelley and Mary M. Robertson (2005) Click here

SMS and growth hormone deficiency (2004) Click here

Melatonin Treatment in SMS (2005) Click here

Iron Deficiency in children with ADHD (2004) Click here

Opthalmic Manifestations of Smith-Magenis Syndrome (1996) Here

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