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Shoes that work with an Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO)

1. Keeping Pace Orthopedic Footwear
Keeping Pace Orthopedic Footwear  was the first company to make shoes designed to be worn with AFOs from toddler size 4 through adult size 10.  A pair of shoes may cost between $64 and $85.  The company was started by a mother of a child with cerebral palsy who was frustrated that her son’s new shoes were the wrong size for his braces.

2. Hatchbacks Footwear
Hatchbacks Footwear are easy-on, easy-off shoes for children (toddler size 5 through youth size 3) that fit over AFOs.  All of the styles have velcro closures and cost $70.

Orthotic-Friendly and Post-Op shoes

A few shops specialize in therapeutic shoes for a variety of medical conditions.  Although the shoes may not be designed specifically for AFOs, the material is stretchy enough to accommodate custom orthotics.

1. The Healthy Feet Store
The Healthy Feet Store actually has an index of medical conditions for which their shoes are designed, including pediatric post-operative shoes and Answer2 sneakers for custom orthotics.  The store is also a good resource for foot health products and specialized socks.

2. FootSmart specializes in orthopedic and therapeutic shoes for adults, as well as foot health.  Some styles accommodate custom orthotics and most styles have velcro closures.  The store also offers a variety of sock styles for adults with sensitive feet.

3. Silvert’s Shoes
Silvert’s has adaptive footwear for adults, including adults with limited mobility.  All of the styles are easy-on, easy off with velcro closures.

4. Buck and Buck
Buck and Buck offers adaptive footwear to simplify the process for getting dressed and undressed.  The shoes are specially designed with a stretchy material for edema and other types of swelling.

Sensory-Friendly shoes

1. Keen Footwear
Keen Footwear is designed for an active lifestyle and comes in infant sizes all the way up to men’s size 17 (but only up to size 12 for women). 

2. Stride Rite
Stride Rite has stores across the USA and Canada, and its brand is sold widely in other shops, too.  Stride Rite is one of the only brands that sells children’s shoes in medium, wide and extra wide from newborn through youth size 6.  The store also has its own line of “comfort seam” socks that are tight-fitting and minimize discomfort.  If you bring in an old pair of shoes to donate to charity, you will receive 20% off your purchase.

3. Pediped Shoes
Pediped shoes come in newborn size up to youth size 4.5.  The shoes were created for early walkers and to support children’s natural movement with eco-friendly materials.

4. Tsukihoshi Shoes
Tsukihoshi shoes from Japan are popular among children with autism because of their comfort, flexibility and bright colors.  The shoes are machine washable and come in toddler size 4 up to youth size 5.5.  Most styles have stretchy laces that don’t have to be tied, so they’re ideal for active children with fine motor delays.

5. Nordstroms
The shoe department at Nordstrom department store is the shop of choice for many individuals with special needs.  because there’s no extra charge if your feet are 2 different sizes – you simply get a pair of shoes that fit your unique feet.  

6.  Pip Squeakers

Pip Squeakers is a sensory stimulating shoe brand that is sure to excite everyone! These fun shoes are designed for babies or toddlers to be stimulating, safe, flexible, and lightweight. For those who do not like the “squeak,” Pip Squeakers offer a no squeak option.